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Looks like the T & C's have come up quite a bit. I also hear the new guys in charge have made it a good place to hang your hat for a bit. When they started it was bad but looks like a good opportunity now to get some heavy time.


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Ok, so converting 41,000 RMB to USD, I get somewhere around 6,000 USD. I know it's foreign and cost of living is different, but that still seems a little low. Did google calculator have bad math?


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If 72k/yr FO pay and 747-400 type and flight time is paid slave labor I wonder what new hire regional FO in the US is....
I did a little search on this company on a foreign pilot forum and there was nothing good said about it. pprune.com If you're thinking of going to China, I would look into it more than by just the 72k which is relatively low for a 747 pilot. As far as SJS, well you know..


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It lists commuting vs. resident in a few places, but I didn't see anywhere what the difference was.
Actually I looked it up at another site, apparently it's two weeks on 8 days off. I'm guessing if you live in US, you're going to need at least a day or two to recuperate from the jet lag so that leaves about 6 days off..


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For that kind of scratch in China you could live like a person that makes $1 million over here.
On the other hand Jade is not hiring anyone with 1000TT unless they're Chinese. I know a guy trying to get on their with a CAAC ATP and it's not an easy process so far.


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We have received your application. However, after careful evaluation of your flying experience, we found that your experience does not meet our operation needs. Therefore, we can not invite you to our screening. We will keep your application on file and once the situation and your flying experience changed, we will reconsider your application.

Well, that sucks. One down...

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This is no laughing matter.
If I'm reading the fine print correctly, you essentially pay for your type. Three year bond and in order to get typed, you have to deposit the funds in a bank. You leave, they clean you out. So if you don't have oh-my-lord thousand dollars sitting around, look elsewhere. Like most things that sound too good to be true...