It's all downhill from here...


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It\'s all downhill from here...

Well, logged my first 1.1 today....a pretty smooth landing as well (after a go-around I must confess) time to see how this thing will pan out.

Good luck to safe
Re: It\'s all downhill from here...

Hey Hey! Congrats! Did it seem like the world was falling away from you *really* fast? That's what it was like my first time.

Don't forget to have fun!

Re: It\'s all downhill from here...

Not really....but the idiot at Valkyra (sp?) who decided to let us know he was turning final on the opposite runway that we had just turned downwind 5 minutes after calling of the CTAF about traffic....nothing like being on a collision course with somebody on your first flight.....(no, despite scanning we did not see the a/c)