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My cousin Stephen related an interesting story the other day while visiting. He was on a 3 week vacation in China, and while touring the great wall of china in Bejing hooked up with a tour group from Denmark, since he lives in Germany now all their conversations were in German. There were two Americans in the group so my cousin introduced himself. When asked where in the states he was from he responded from a little town north of Boston. After a few more questions the second fellow told my cousin you have a brother named Gary and your parents are ... Wow how did he know? He grew up 1/2 mile from my cousin and went to school with Gary. It's a small world.

Any one have any other small world encounters?

Yeah, I got a good one.

Back when I was a CAP cadet, I went to Switzerland on what's called the International Air Cadet Exchange. The patriarch of my host family was a Swissair DC-10 captain (and was actually on a trip while we were there). His eldest daughter was a hot Swissair FA
, a couple years older than me. We're hanging out one evening after dinner and she asks if we're interested in looking at some photo albums, we said sure, so she breaks one out. As we're flipping through the pages, I start to see pics of Zion National Park in southern Utah, Salt Lake (my hometown), and then pics of people I went to high school with. I'm like "wtf?!" Turns out she had done a semester as an exchange student in Salt Lake at Brighton High (where my wing commander was an aerospace/biology teacher, coincidence part deux) and dated a guy from my school (East High) for a while (part trois). The only non-coincidence in the story was their being my host family; she had seen my hometown on a roster of our whole party and asked to host me specifically.

That was a pretty cool trip; for one thing, it was a free trip to Europe, and while there I got to take a couple rides in an ASK-21 glider (top-end sailplane at the time) via winch-launch, which is something like doing a cat stroke off an aircraft carrier, a sightseeing flight around the Matterhorn in a Swiss military Turbo Porter, transport to/from Frankfurt in the Swiss government's King Air, and an aerobatics hop in an open-cockpit bi-plane with a dude who spoke only French.
Anybody else here done a Lomcevak?

Yeah, and it actually involes you. We both have the same last name, you used to fly into my home town once a week, and you meet my dad in the Key's, both of you in C12's. Now that is something.

Great story, but we all want to know ( in my Paul Harvey voice ), the rest of the story.

Hey C-Kid
Yep, met your Dad a few times and remember I've met your Mom also.

While stationed at Pearl Harbor in the early 90's I attended the Pro Bowl one year. When one of the Vikings scorde a TD, I was screaming and yelling and the kid in front was doing the same. We started talking and I asked if he was from MN, yes. Where did you go to school?...St. Paul, where in St. Paul?.... Harding.... What year did you graduate?...88. There I was 5000 miles from home in a stadium of 50,000 people and the kid sitting in front of me went to same school and graduated a year after me.

Of the 20 or so times I've flown through ATL I have NEVER been on a flight back home where I didnt know someone who I either went to high school with/church/played ball with/or just knew in the community. Kinda goes to prove the old saying down here "you can't leave the south without going through ATL" We all go through ATL!

More of a bigger thing though. My dad was in Vegas a few years back and saw an old college roomate he hadnt seen or talked to in just over 25 years!!!

I was hanging out at the Tampa airport in FL (TPA) as I was looking at the USAirways gates I happened to see a B737 Captain that I knew from Charlotte NC (CLT). So we were able to chat about flying for awhile before his next outbound flight. This was at least 2-3 years ago.

I was at CPS last summer hangin around in the lounge. The Goodyear blimp was doing a bunch of flights over Downtown St. Louis, and one of the blimp pilots was in the lounge, along with a freight dog who flew a Commander. Turns out that the Blimp pilot went to OSU (I graduated from OSU and I have been living in Columbus for the past 5 years), instructed there and did PPL training for a couple of my friends. Plus his old roommate flew for the same company that I had flown for. Also turns out that the freight dog guy knew a captain whom I had flown freight with.

Actually I can think of two more. Me and mom were over at MTN and a couple nice guys from exec jet came in and where trying to get a cab to their hotel. The van was going to take them but they wanted to eat and there are no places aroud that hotel to eat at. So me and mom (we have a crew car there, the FBO doesnt) said they could come eat with us. Well about a month later I'm working out at the local FBO and I see a C560 crew walking in. He walks in and looks at me. Then says hi and we started talking for a while. Of all the days I could have worked and of all the trips he could have gotten on both days (the day at MTN and GED) he got the right ones.

The other one my dad and I were at a fancy resturant celebrateing my report card the day before he was flying a CE560XL down to the Caymans. He meets a freind and starts talking and some how the conversation gets to that. Turns out his (the friends) date was flying down with a big group of people the same day as my dad on the airlines. Then while there he meets a guy he hadn't seen in years and was good friends with.