Is there homework?


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Just wondering if most of the schools give you homework. We have 2 computers right now, are we gonna need both? (I don't share my puter very well.) But if there is no take home work to do then we can get by with one.
I have some homework. It is mostly studywork though. I just use my computer for the internet and The studying gets pretty intense if you want to ace the tests, but there is really not much homework where I go.
I assume that you are referring to working toward some sort of aviation degree? If that is the case then I get just as much "homework" as any other college student. I take the same general ed courses that everyone else does to earn the degree. As for the aviation courses themselves, that depends on the school and particular course. I actually partake in my courses online so my computer is essential to me. I cannot speak for other schools though.
Sorry, I was a little vague. I am referring to Delta Academy, Pan Am, Flight Safety. THOSE schools.
There can be quite a bit of after hours work if you are a good student. You may have actual assignments when you are in a particular ground school, but most of the work is reading, memorizing, and studying. Depending on what phase of training you are in there can also be a fair amount of flight planning work. It is nice to have a computer at home and a good internet connection for planning and getting weather (saves you from having to go in to school earlier to plan). Maybe I was a dork, but I also used my computer a bunch to run a flight sim for instrument procedures practice. It probably varies from person to person, but I stayed pretty busy 6-7 days a week in order to get done ASAP. That’s how it was for me when I was at Flight Safety.
Just to add a little bit, computers I think are not a big deal for actual 'studying' (atleast in my opinion). I think you'll find that most studying is flat out done with books and paper. Like Acadia said though, you can use the computer for things such as Flight Sim. If it is a financial problem and you'd like to make some 500 bucks (maybe you want to buy something, go on short vacation or just feel a little crampt) I'd say do it, but if its not a big deal dont sweat it and keep the computer.