Is there a fitness center (ie Ballys, Golds ) or gym near FSI?


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I am planning to tour the FlightSafety (Vero Beach) campus very soon. When I inquired about miscelleneous activities on campus, I was told that there was no fitness center on campus for weight lifting, aerobics etc. I was wondering... is there a fitness/work-out gym in close proximity to the campus?
There is nothing at the school, but you get free access to a club (with student ID) close by.
There isn't anything on campus, just outdoor b-ball, tennis and a pool. However you have free access to the local county gym, sort of like a YMCA. Not the best equipment but I like it, if you got some extra pennies in your pocket you can go to the Jungle Gym which is close by, that would be more of a "Golds."
The Jungle club is a really nice place, but the membership is a little steep, I think it was about $50 a month. They do make you sign a year contract? but look on the board at the flight line or actually in the paper people will transfer over the rest of their membership if you pick up the payments.......
Leisure Square has a free weight room (benches, inclines etc...) then there is a room full of atlas type machines, a cardio room with 4 tread mills and some other cardio machines. They have raquetball, an outdoor pool and an outdoor basketball court.