Is the ADIZ here to stay


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I do most of my flying into MTN which is in the ADIZ and I was wondering if any one new if it is a permanent thing or if they will get rid of it.
Sadly, thats the way it looks. All and all I dont mind it much anymore.

Citationkid, what kind of flying do you do at Martin State?
My mom's company has a Navajo that flies the VP over 4 days a week. He owns an auction in Belair. Me and my mom do 2 days and the other pilot does 2. You've probly seen it its there all the time.
Count on it being around for a while, even though it's the most ridiculous thing in the world. Let's see. All you have to do is call up and give them your N number, and they'll issue you a squawk. So if you were a terrorist looking to cause trouble, you could call up and they'd give you a squawk!