Is it hard?

Somehow I managed to become a pilot so it can't be too hard. My original goal was to fly just by flapping my arms, that didn't work out too well.
Well that's gotta be about the most ambiguous question ever posted on these boards.

Perhaps you'd like to narrow your question to one aspect of flying?
What kind of pilot? There's a world of difference between someone who's tooling around in a single engine Cessna on weekends and a guy who is pushing a fighter jet to its limits in order to stay alive. There's a world of difference between someone who does it every now and then for fun and someone who does it to pay his bills.

I think that anyone can become a pilot. It takes different people different amounts of time, but pretty much everyone has the physical coordination to learn to fly. Most people capable of functioning independently have the mental capacity to learn the regs and so on.

But to do it for a living? That's a different kind of flying altogether.
No need to apologize at all. Everyone here would be delighted to answer your question if you would just narrow it down a little.

Welcome to the forum!
... glad you came here :> good place to start hanging out. you still got me going, and now we have bit of perspective too. it's a good question. my head's been spinning since you've posted it :>
I always say if you can drive a car you can fly a plane. It takes some effort and special training to fly a plane but you can do it if you set your mind to it.
"I always say if you can drive a car you can fly a plane. "

Oh god please don't say that... So many horrible drivers I wouldn't want 10 feet within an aircraft...
A lot of horrible drivers wouldn't be horrible drivers if they set their mind to it...

You know, like hang up the cell phone, turn down the stereo, remove the giant piece of vinal from the windshield of their rice rocket, un-tint the windows so they can see something, sit up straight, tell the kids to shut up, eat meals at home not the car, and finally...allocate just a small amount of brainpower to "stay ahead of the automobile."

I don't like to equate flying with driving. They have some similarities maybe but that's it!

The qualities a professional pilot must have to be safe.

1) Situational Awareness. "Where am I?"
2) Foresight. "Where am I going to be in 5 minutes?"
3) Memory Recall. "What are the emergency procedures?"
4) Decision Making. "What do I do RIGHT NOW?"
5) Flexibility. "How do I get along with this guy for a month?"

If something breaks in a car you can pull over. Nah they are not the same at all
FlyAlvin: welcome to jetcareers! GREAT to see interest in aviation at your age.

I, and a lot of the other folks on this site, were just like you when we were 8!!

Is flying hard? That's a good question!

The simple answer is - it depends.

It might be harder for some than it is for others. I know it took me a little while to learn how to land and some people do it well from the beginning.

The best advice I think anyone can give you is to read anything and everything about flying that you can get your hands on!

If you have ANY questions - just come see us!! We'll be glad to help.

Good luck!
ready2fly (or R2F)
How hard is it to be a pilot?

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If it's in your blood, it's very challenging.

If it's something that just looks cool, it's harder than heck!
Thanks for the replies, My brother really like them. He was talking to me about you guys ALL night (Not joking).

You can learn to be a good pilot, but it is harder to learn to be a prudent pilot.

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I pulled this quote by John Tenney from another thread. I think it applies here. It's the mental aspect that will make or break you.