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Well since I have turned 18 I have wanted to own stock in some company. I have allways looked at the airlines as beeing too risky, specially in recent times. I watched jetBlue as they went public and watched the stock start up at around $17 a share, soar to $46, and now level off in the high 30 dollar range. Not too bad, wish I would have invested them right off at the start.

I started looking at AirTran and saw it was trading at $7.50, not too bad so I looked into it more. In Sept. and Oct. of 2002 the stock was at $2 and since then has jumped 90% to were it is now and is going up everyday. I have heared nothing but good things about them. And now that they are planing in adding 100 more planes and expanding to the West I see good things for AirTran and hope that the stock will continue to grow.

Now I didnt invest that much..actually only $150 or 20 shares and might add on to it slowly. If the stock grows with copany to $20 a share or more I think I can make a few hundred bucks quick. They say never fallow a trend in investing so I decided to take a bit of a risk.
I would not expect a quick return, you bought the stock at its peak, you will more then likely go down (quite considerably) before you see a rise again.

As you were only investing $150 I would have bought AMR, not only is it likely to increase 2-3 times its current cost in a few years, the investors meetings would have been far more beneficial considering how much larger AA is. Also if they do go into Ch7 you only lost $150, you would have only lost $150 which really is not much.
Im not expecting one. I did it because I like the Airline and i think they will continue to do nothing but grow and I wanted to be apart of it.
You could buy UAL for less than a dollar per share. If they survive, you could make a killing!
I wanted to buy Airline stocks.. Any advise on Good Brokers(company) that Buys/Sell Airline stocks..

Any good info / Advise would be most greatful.

hey Rockjetblue, which company did you did you use..
Hey Gang:
In all seriousness(I saw your smiley face Dave) what are you insiders thinking about buying UAL stock? I've been going back and forth in my mind for the last few months with this UAL thing but have not made a move. Maybe I could just take an amount that I could afford to lose ($500-1000) and buy. Think about if that stock were to go to $30 in a few years. It would be $30,000 dollars. Nice lump, especially if your CFIing. Hope to get some help.

the ceo of airtran came to ERAU about a month ago and i heard him speak, and he basically said in a Q&A session that they were considering merge options. i dont really know how that would effect its shares but just figured i'd tell ya what i knew....good luck but be careful investing too much!
I dumped a crapload of transport stocks in late August 2001 to generate money for a house downpayment. I'm probably on some watch list or something!

I think airline stocks are going to remain 'depressed' for a while because they aren't very "sexy" to the investor.
Seriously, I think that most airline stocks will eventually rebound. UAL may not be the best buy because of the chance that they will not survive and you'll be left with nothing. On the other hand, that risk makes it a very cheap buy. DAL has been trading at around $10 per share. ACA is up to $9 after hovering around $6 for months.
I still have several hundred stock options on DAL at a strike price of $49.

Woo! I'd have to cut 'em a check!