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My name is Jared, I am currently doing my private at my local airport. I am about 25 hours into my private. I am 20 years old and have always wanted to be a pilot. I finally decided to begin flight school this summer.

I am currently looking into different flight schools, and have heard lots of great things from people about Flight safety.

My instructor graduated from FSA, so I have heard lots of good things from him.

I guess what I'm looking for is, what should I be doing right now, are there things that i can be doing to prepare for my completion of my private, and transitioning to a flight academy.

What can you recommend i look into? My mind is pretty much made up, and I will be visiting the campus in oct/nov, are there other schools in the area I should visit also?

Should i be applying for loans now? what are my financial opportunities?

not even sure if i'm posting this where i should, but i figured it was a good area to start.

so yea. i'm looking for help about what my next decisions should be, that will shape my career.

here are some vids of my solo flight, as well as a larger image of my avatar.




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I didn't see it mentioned, so I'll be the first one to jump on this one: if you don't have one already, get a four year degree. If you plan to make aviation a career you need a four year degree. Any school will do, and majors don't matter; just get the thing.

That being said, I couldn't really give you any input unto what academy to go to as I'm going the local FBO route so far myself.


John Herreshoff


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Have you considered ATP for your training? FSA is a good school but will cost you considerably more than ATP and you will have close to 200 multi hours when you're done with ATP. Just a thought.


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I definately agrre with John H. Get a degree. It will definately serve you well for the career. As far as training goes, I have heard great things sbout Flight Saftey. I have also heard great things about ATP. I would definately recomend touring both of those facilities before making you're decision.