Introduction Flight Today -- Pictures


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Hi Everyone --

I had my introductory flight today! It went really well. My flight instructor is a really nice guy. I performed the take-off from Keene, climb and cruise towards the east at 3,500ft. He then told me that we were going to land at a different airport and re-fuel. He had me descend, and then he took over at about 1,000ft. He landed, we re-fueled and off we went. He had me taxi this time, and then take-off, climb, cruise and descend back into Keene. It was so neat being in control up there. He then said "This time, you are going to land. I'll talk you through it." I was really excited. I came in on the downwind, and then turned for final on runway 02. I came in very nicely, with only a little bit off the centerline. He told me he was very impressed, but I owe it to him for talking me through it all! I taxied in, and I performed the checklist for shut-down and that was it! I did most of the flying which I didn't expect to do so much, but I am very happy to have done so. It was the coolest thing ever, and this IS where I want to be for a career - in the sky. I hope you enjoyed reading...and here are some pictures..

Thanks for checking this out!


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My friend flew from Nashua to Keene this morning for breakfast. What time were you there? It's a nice big airport to have no tower.


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JGriffis - Just incredible. I get so happy just thinking about it!!

Nick - I was there around 9:00. Returned about 10:00 We saw a Cessna head out before us, perhaps it was him?


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Yes, my Mother decided she wanted me to get my PPL, for being such a great kid and student in school.

So I am going for my Private when I turn 17 in October.


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Congrats, and have fun working on the private!!!

For a second there, I thought I had flown that plane before...but I checked the logbook and the one I flew was 8174N. Must have been made around the same time.


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You will remember your first flight at the controls for the rest of your career. I just hope you understand that you have now caught "the bug", it is an addiction that you won't be able to get rid of!!


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hey dude-
I'm jealous-- that was one of the best rides I've ever taken... As for training- enjoy the ride-- it's a lot of fun!
My god, Keene is such a cool little town, my sister lives over in Dublin-- nice place, even with all those pumpkins
And some of the prettiest country you'll ever see...

Take it easy-


Great pictures and it seems like you had fun! My intro is hopefully next weekend.


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CAVOK - I am hooked for life after that flight!

jjm - Dublin is a great town. I am next to it, in Hancock. Although the cold and snow gets depressing in the winter, it's nice in the other three seasons.

Brian - You are going to love your intro!! It was so cool to be doing what I have always wanted to do since I was 5.


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Thanks --

That would have been neat flying the same plane as another member of the site!

[/ QUOTE ]

When I did my intro flight about a year and a half ago in Pueblo CO, another JC member just happened to have had the plane right before me, which we discovered after I posted about my intro flight.

My Intro Flight