Into and out of Canada



So I've got a stage check tommorow afternoon and the stage pilot told me to plan from GFK to International Falls, Minnesota(INL). I am planning on doing the flight VFR GPS direct, which has me skirting into Canadian airpsace for about 5 miles. Just curious what kind of things, if any need to be considered when flying VFR into Canada but not actually landing there? On the actual flight we will be diverting well before we get there but I know the check pilot will be asking me about it during the oral portion of the check.
Shouldn't you go over your flight plan with your instructor before going on a stage check?
I wish I could...just talked to my stage pilot this afternoon and my instructor is out of town since yesterday. So I turn to my other instructors here at JC
It's shouldn't really be a problem, when you file your flightplan over the phone ask the FSS specialist, he/she should be able to help you, just in case your examiner has you flying over Canada.
My DE pulled this one on me during my PPL checkride. I called all around to find the answer. FSS couldn't tell me (They were angry I called about it), so I eventually just called transport canada. Their reply was that we can fly over Canada as long as we're on a flight plan and talking with ATC. Don't plan to land in Canada, but if we need to that they'll take us in. He said don't make a flight plan to Buffalo but really plan to land in Londo with some "engine problems."


John Herreshoff