Interview for intrance?


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I was just wondering what the interview was like to be accepted into the 90 day program? Can someone share their experience with me? Is it pretty stressfull or hard to pass?



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It tests private-pilot level knowledge and competence. You take a short written exam, then do some very basic stuff in the simulator. If you are current and look over the PPL written test prep book again, you will be fine.


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You could check the local FSS for atmospheric conditions


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Is this a "Suit & Tie" interview? Just curious about how others dressed for this.


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Uh, do you think they're going to say no to to 33K or whatever it's been jacked up to? Remember you're interviewing them. You're in charge.


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I have heard and read almost nothing bad about ATP in this forum and from others and I had put ATP at the top of my list. When I made a call to schedule a tour I was told some information would be sent to me in the mail and after I looked it over I could call to make an appointment for an interview which, included a written evaluation and a simulator evaluation which would cost me $100.00. Is this standard practice when touring these larger flight schools? I also arranged a tour at Flight Safety over the same trip and they made no mention of an interview fee. I can’t imagine how bad somebody must perform for them to turn down the 35 grand they would take in, but beside that I am a little put off by the $100 “interview” fee. After all who is interviewing whom here? Maybe I am missing something here but I would like to actually take the tour and see with my own eyes what I am investing in before I plunk down the $100 interview fee.


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Well, you'd have to be pretty bad to fail the interview, if you do you probably shouldn't be flying

I'm sure you can tour without interviewing..


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You can always visit a location informally for free. The fee is probably to sort the wheat from the chaff as it were, weeding out people who just want a free spin in one of ATP's FTDs.


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I went by ATP a few times before i interviewed. I talked to students and instructors and was even allowed to check out the planes.

when i did interview it was business casual dress and a very relaxed atmosphere. the interview was actually very enjoyable.

also, if i remember correctly, Flight Safety does have a $100 application-processing fee.


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Not only $100 interview ...
There is another approximate charge of about $1200 + for the
loan from Key Bank...