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I read on Delta's site and Alaska's site that they have internships. So, it got me thinking, would this be a good way to get you name out there for the airlines. Also, wouldn't it give you an advantage when they hire, because you already know their system.
If you are in college an internship is a great way to get an interview with low hours. Doing an internship with a regional is the way to go; I have known people get an interview and get hired with 600 to 1000 hours with the likes of ACA and ASA and this is after 911.
I would definitely look into internships. They are a great way to learn a LOT about the industry before jumping into it for a career, and it does help (IF YOU DO WELL and aren't a slacker) later in life to open up opportunities. Not to mention the friends you will make!
Now with a internship at an airline I guess they would require you to be at least 18, would that be correct?

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Typically the airline internships are conducted through collegiate aviation programs, and are done either in the 3rd or 4th year.