JSFirm International Fixed-Wing Instructor Pilot

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Integration Innovation Inc., (i3) Afghanistan, International:
Seeking Experienced Ex-Military IP’s !

The Aviation Fixed Wing Instructor Pilot (IP) will provide the full spectrum of academic, simulator, and flight instruction to Afghanistan Air Force (AAF) student pilots and trainees. The aircraft used includes the Basic Flight Trainer, Cessna 182, and the Advanced Flight Trainer, Cessna 208. Candidate will be subject matter expert for all related instruction in Initial Flight Screening (IFS) Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT) and Pilot Instructor Training (PIT)

The selected candidate for this position will perform duties outside the United States (OCONUS), at Shindand Air Base, Afghanistan, and other training areas and bases required for syllabi completion.

Qualified Candidate will be responsible for these duties:

· Performing classroom instruction to include platform instruction (academics) and basic student management (scheduling, mass briefings, stand-up emergency training, gradebook management, etc.); Simulator instruction (brief, execution, debrief); In-flight instruction (brief, execution, debrief.) All instruction will be in accordance with USG-approved syllabi.

· Providing military aviation role model to all AAF students and trainees in all aspects of aviation. Candidate will be expected to actively lead and mentor AAF students and trainees.

· Maintaining qualification and currency in both assigned aircraft, Cessna 182 and Cessna 208.

· Participating in continuation training (CT sorties, meetings, etc.) and other forums directed by the onsite i3 management.

· Supporting company recruiting and retention initiatives necessary to maintain the highest level of program professionalism.

· Supporting business development initiatives if and when required by company management.

· Performing any and all onsite tasks for safe, secure, and professional operation as deemed by company management.

Required Skills:

Candidate should possess knowledge of, and first-hand experience with training and leadership methods employed to motivate, train, and lead AAF students and trainees.

Candidate must quickly adapt to the deployed environment in an austere OCONUS environment.

Candidate must practice professional relations with all contractor, U.S. military, and AAF chains of command.

Candidate must quickly adapt to the OCONUS cultural environment.

Candidate must be proficient in basic computer and web-based programs.

Candidate must meet DoD medical/dental requirements for OCONUS deployment.

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