Interesting crop dusting vid

Southern Jets, baby!!!!!!

Guess ill quit eating cabbage now. Ack!!!!!! Wondered why my tongue went numb every time I ate it. Thanks a lot Mississippi!!!!!

Its unfortunate that many people are unaware of how the ag industry has changed from those days.
"Organic" isn't what a lot of people think ;)

My gf is studying to be a nutritionist and its pretty amazing the things we are doing to our fruits and veggies before they even reach our table.
Would really like to see him do an update video.

Provided Ole Boy is around to do it, still. What a badass!

PS. I stand corrected. If you look carefully, one of the cars zipping past as he flies is late 60s early 70s vintage, so I guess I'd put it there. I suppose he probably has his house on the beach by now or is hanging out waaaaaay up on the SWA seniority list ;)
Awesome video! And a good reminder why I pay 2x as much for organic veggies & fruit
You'd be surprised what can be sprayed on 'organic' fruit.
I'm all ears.

One of the things we covered in Toxicology was just how many chemicals are applied on "organic" fruits and vegetables. Sometimes, the same chemicals that are applied to non-organic foods are applied to "organic" foods, just it varies on the application rate.

If you want food that has no chemicals sprayed on it, you should be buying all natural foods rather than organic.