Insurance requirements for pilots


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I undersand most insurance companies require a pilot with high hours (>3000 or something) to provide coverage but not as much if any requirement for the SIC. Is anyone familiar with these requirements? If so, does this mean that the high hour pilot gets all the pilot in command time or does he just have to be there?

The company I work for now has a Citation 500 and a Conquest II and I considering trying to get in but if I can only get all SIC time until I get 3000 or so hours, I dont think it is going to be worth my time.
the ins requirements will vary by provider. you do not need a minimum time for SIC you do need 1200 hrs to fly PIC (assuming you are pt 135) You will also need a Type rating to fly PIC. it is a good idea to have your ATP written done as soon as you are over 1200 hrs.

Some companies, the SIC is not much more than sit down and tune the radios. Given teh choice avoid that kind of comany. not given the choice fly for whoever will hire you.

I was hired SIC with about 1050TT and less than 50 ME. again it is who knows you.
Here's the deal with insurance companies and corporate aviation......if anyone ever says to you "The insurance company says I need a pilot with xxtotal time and xxmulti time etc etc" don't believe them - it's a bunch of crap and one of the biggest myths in the industry! Basically any company can get any pilot insured to fly anything provided they are #1) willing to push the insurance company to allow them to do it and #2) willing to pay the increased premiums.

In your situation the chief pilot may be saying that he needs a pilot that has 3,000 hours to avoid paying higher premiums but if he really really wanted to hire someone that has lower times he could make it happen - it would just cost him more.