Insurance mins and flying 91 jets


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Alright here's the deal, my best friend from college works at a huge law firm in North Carolina and says they've done their homework and fly enough to warrant buying a plane and starting a flight department within the next year, most likely up and running in January. Cool. He says they are looking into getting a challenger and would I be interested in being one of the pilots flying it. Umm, the answer is ridiculously obvious but I am in no way qualified whatsoever and have no delusions that I will be anytime soon. I have 260 total and a wet comm, getting my CFI this week or next, and that's it. By january I think I'll be around 500-600 total, and maybe 25 multi, nothing more complex than an arrow and a baron. So I guess I have a couple of questions:

1) Would insurance even let me be SIC of something like that with that low of time in a part 91 operation? If they sent me for type training?

2) Is it generally harder to get insurance for part 91 in larger jets than 121 or 135? It seems a lot of guys get hired with low time at airlines but not in 91 ops, and I know the 135 mins keep low time pilots out. I'm really doubtful that I can qualify for this opportunity though it seems like a dream job that is falling into my lap in just the wrong time. What do you guys think?


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It all depends under the insurance. We operate under part 91 and have some low time copilots, so to answer #1 It depends on what insurance program and what training you show them. Sorry not much of an answer. I would recommend calling some of the larger avaition insurers to find out. Caledonian is one (their website is on the fritz right now)