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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to get a start on my instrument knowledge, so I'm going to take the instrument written this summer. Does anyone have a preference over the ASA or Gleim prep book?

Mike Catalfamo


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I used the asa virtual test prep that included the exam guide. Take a look at it at the local FBO first.. It is just every question with the correct answer and if the question is not obvious then there is an explanation. I got an 88 on the written... with about 4-5 days of study.
I have also used the private version (88 also !) and will probably purchase the commercial one also..


I've used the Gleim for my IRA, IGI, FII, CAX, FIA and AGI and I got between 90 and 99 on all of them. I also have the ASA stuff, but never really used them for the writtens.


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Gleim!! I've used it from Instrument up through CFII and have gotten between 94 to 100% on all of them. Great books!


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Exams4Pilots and Sportys is all I used for Private, Instrument, and Commercial. They work fine and they are free.


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I like myself. Just a good free one. It has a study buddy for the instrument i think.