Instrument Ride


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Well, as of today, I'm officially a multiengine instrument pilot.
I figure it'd be helpful to at least someone out there to post a little gouge on the whole deal, so here goes...

In case anyone is not familiar with the way the ERAU PRC flight program works, the order of certificates and ratings goes Private, Multiengine, Instrument, Commercial. I've had my multiengine rating for almost a year now, but I've always felt that it was relatively useless without an instrument rating to complement it. In retrospect, however, this let me build a good amount of multi time before my actual instrument ride.

Anyways, today's flight went off seemingly without a hitch. The winds were light and variable with a very high ceilings, and the air was smooth. We took off, climbed to 9100, and I received radar vectors to DUKIW, which is one of the IAFs for the RNAV 21L approach at PRC. We held north of DUKIW for a short time, and then we commenced the approach. This approach was a normal one, without partial panel or single engine ops.

After going missed off of the RNAV approach, we went direct DRK (Drake) VOR and then outbound 259 for the west arc for the VOR 12. Somewhere along the arc I "lost" gyro indications, and we continued the approach as normal. I ended up blowing through DILLY (10 DME off Drake on the 305) a little bit due to a 160 knot groundspeed. (Oops!) He didn't seem to care...I was only about a dot and a half past, so I corrected. We went missed off of that, and held at Drake as published.

After Drake, I was given radar vectors for the ILS. While on vectors I was given steep turns and some unusual attitudes. Procedure turn inbound, there goes the right engine... I finished the ILS without a problem and here I am.

Flight levels, here I come.


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The oral was only something like a 1.4, so not too bad. The flight was a 1.8, though it could have very easily been a 1.5 or so. Only reason it was so long was because we had to waste some time so that I could "officially" complete the course's syllabus times.


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I followed up my SEL/IA with a MEL/IA and truly believe that's the way to go. For one, you're still current and the info is still fresh in your head.

Way to go!!

What did you fly?


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I flew the only modern twin that seems to have a negative SE service ceiling... Queen Dog herself: the Piper Seminole.


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Does the DAB flight program follow the same order of licenses as PRC?

PPL, ME, IR, COMM? Why does PRC do the training in this order, i'm assuming for the oppurtunity to build multi?


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I'm PRC myself, and it's Private, Multi, Instrument, Commercial. DAB I hear is Private, Instrument, Commercial, Multi. The reason I'm told PRC does it this way is to allow for more multi time, though it's much more expensive.