Instrument Rating


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I have been building my X-C PIC time, up to about 20 of my 61 TT, and I am starting to look for an FBO in my area to get my instrument rating. I am looking for suggestions on what type of planes/equipment i should look for at a FBO.

School 1, class d airport: I can either go a C-152 route which rents at $75 wet or they have some 172s (non glass) and some pipers ($100-115). They also have a remos LSA ($100) thats capable of IFR training (but cannot be flown in IFR conditions). They also have a Frasca sim which you can log up to 20 hrs of sim instrument towards your IR tix.

School 2, nontowered airport: School i got my ppl at, Older 172 thats rents for 105 wet and the instructer is first class.

School 3, nontowered airport: Cessna Pilot center with a g1000 172 for 135 wet and another 172 nonglass for 130 wet.

I know there are many varibles that go into choosing a school to train at but what are your suggestions? Should I try to stay as cheep as possible for this rating or is training with glass worth it? I've never flown with glass or a gps so I'm used to looking at guages. I have 52 TT in a 150 and 8 TT in a 172, both 1977 models.

Thanks for your help!
Try to fly as cheap as possible. :)

The reason - you can save some money for later on(ie: IFR to 100 dollar burger...etc). I always recommend student to fly steam gauges first. Once you got your rating, you can learn about GPS all you want. Case in point, one of my former student, the very first flight after his IFR ride, GPS in the plane became useless due to switch problem. You can imagine the rest.

ps: fly to AZO, I can teach you IFR. ;)
Go for the one that gives you the best instruction. This is the biggest factor. The planes all fly the same.