Instrument Rating


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Good afternoon, everyone:

I plan to attend ACPP in the future after I complete my PPL and get a loan. Now, the question for me is should I get my instrument rating with my local FBO or wait till attend ACPP? Keep in mind, rental fee is "somewhat cheap" at my FBO. For C172 and Piper Warrior, the hourly rate is 43 dollars wet.

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The instrument is included in the accp, you won't get any discount by doing it before hand, just do the instrument written before you go and all the other writtens as well if possible.
after your private go up with an instructor at your FBO and do some NDB stuff. i.e. approaches and holds. ATP aircraft don't have ADF's so that part of the instrument training in glossed over. at least it was with me. not a big deal if you end up getting hired at ATP to instruct but if not, that's stuff you'll be expected to teach elsewhere. other than than, just wait and do the rating at ATP.