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I have learned so much from reading the experiences others have shared on JetCareers, I am going to offer my story. After searching and searching, knowing there had to be a place to get my ratings that was better than the usual FBO and more "real world" than the academy I was attending, I finally found it, and last week completed my Multi-Engine Instrument Checkride!! I always thought there ought to be a place that provided training without all the hype, politics, and "1950's era management style", and provide you a view of the real corporate world, and I am glad I finally found it! I just competed my commercial written (I scored a 98) and now I am working on my Commercial Multi-Engine. Instead of flying a "trainer" I get to fly a turbo-charged Seneca. Finally, this is all starting to come together. If you are changing your career to flying, and finding it hard to fit in the "military boys' school", I've found a great place that teaches you to function in the real world, and really understands "customer service". After being in retail management for almost 20 years, most aviation schools I have encountered have no concept of excellent customer service. By the way, I saved over $10,000 compared to what I was quoted at an academy. Now, I've just got to get this commercial, and then on to CFII.
It is located in Vero Beach, they do Charter flights all over the southeast(and Bahamas), and a lot of maintance (they also have a huge parts department)and flight training. It's called "Paris Air, Inc". Not a typical avaition business. You would have to visit to fully understand what I am talking about. I wish I had found it about a year ago!!