Instrument Ground Instructor


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If I am a CFI-I currently, and desire to add a Instrument Ground Instructor to my certificate, what is the process? Is it:

1) take the written (for the third time
2) Present an 8710 and the Written test results to the FSDO?

The main reason I want to do this is I want a ground instructor certificate towards the Gold Seal CFI requirements.

I need a road map



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Yeah, take the IGI written, fill out an 8710 and take it to a FSDO. They'll issue you a temp. right there.


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now thats sounds too easy to be true

Do folks with a Ground Instructor Certificate get a certificate different than their CFI one?? Cuz, I just cant get enough of those nice cool lookng new FAA certificates


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Yes, a Ground Instructor Certificate is a separate certificate with its own set of ratings. If you REALLY like them, you can go for a Flight Engineer, and A&P certification too, then you'll have LOTS of those nice new certificates.