instructor pay

bramlett said:
what does ATP pay there instructors? a range from minimum to maximum would be nice. thanks...

I believe aloft's statement still holds true. What I'd really like to know is how your tax obligations are affected. Florida does not impose any state-income tax on wages earned, but California does! Thus, making $1,000/month would seem better in FL than CA, yet All ATPs has instructors working as independent contractors making the same wages across the nation.

Would anyone care to elaborate on how an instructor getting paid by a company (All ATPs) in one state (in this case, Florida) as an independent contractor working in another (outside Florida) has to contend with taxes? As I understand it, the $1,000/month is gross, unless you're utilize All ATPs' housing, then it's $800/month.
taxes are up to you. you get 1099'd. However you want to deal with the IRS is your problem not ATPs.