Info on Sheble Aviation?


Did you lock the doors?
Hey guys, any of y'all get your cfi, cfii, mei from sheble? tired of the delays at my local flight school and want to get to earning a paycheck asap... if ya didn't get accel. instructor ratings there, where did ya go? What do ya think about "get the tickets now and the proficiency later"?? Thanks for all the response...
I think it depends on what you want to do with your CFI. IMHO, if you want to get the best knowledge for your dollar, find an old, experienced CFI. Find someone that has a lot of flying experience other than instructing. I did part of my CFI with a former bush pilot and resumed it with an old crop duster. I learned more from those two than from any other instructor I had flown with. (I did Comm, Instr. Multi @ Flight Safety)
I gotta agree. It might take longer but in the end if you're planning on getting your CFI I recommend avoiding places like Scheble's. You want to make sure you feel somewhat confident when you start your career as a CFI (you won't be totally confident because hey you haven't ever instructed before), and from what I hear places like Scheble simply teach you to pass the test and not to be a good instructor. I hear good things about American Flyers though (at least the one at SMO). If you really want to get your CFI done in a specific amount of time I'd recommend checking them out ( I can honestly say in my own experience of working with a long-time CFI for my ticket... it was well worth it. Not only do I feel confident that I have learned how to teach by getting my certificate the way I did, but I think that knowledge and confidence has definitely made the job more enjoyable. If you go to a place that doesn't prepare you well you're probably less likely to enjoy the job once you get out and start instructing.
I was impressed with the course, and well prepared for all my CFI/CFII/MEI rides that I passed first go. MN Aviation in Minnesota...there is also nothing to do in town except learn CFI stuff...Mark's course is will oiled and effective.
thank you for the info, I'm gonna give the place in MN a call, do ya happen to know what kinda rates they have? its not on the web site...i agree with the above about the quality of training, maybe i could just do my initial out there and then come back, start working, and take my time with the II and MEI, and pick up anything i might of missed...i've got an instructor here who is a 12k hour former airline/corporate guy, surely he can fill in any gaps left by some accelerated course, but man, the wife would sure love me getting paid to fly instead of always paying to fly!!