Info on Phoenix location


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Can anyone tell me about the Phoenix location?

What airport is it at?

Is it just as good as the JX location or any others?

It's at Williams-Gateway. The offices are small, but very new looking. There are a number of other companies which share the same building (UND, Air Combat, Embry Riddle Distance Ed) Most of the locations only have one or two new Seminoles (Alpha Tango's). When I landed in Phoenix, I noticed that they had five brand new Seminoles on the line.
Thanks guys,

I'm pretty set on going to Phoenix for my training after I get my PPL here in the Denver area.

I was wondering where the location was because Phoenix seems to have the most flight schools in a small area so if one didnt work out, I wouldnt have to worry about moving and uprooting the girlfriend from her job. By my count they have 4 big ones: Pan Am, ATP, Westwind, and acclerated.

As for ATP, do they have any over crowding problems going on there?

Do they teach you as well as other schools or do they just throw you to the wolves and see if you can learn it all from a book?

It sounds like there isnt very much time for error if you are done in 90 days.

I trained at the PHX location. What do you want to know ? I was extremely happy with the whole program. ATP moved to a different building last December..the office is much nicer, but quite a bit smaller.
Hey Tim -

I also live in the Denver area, and after checking out the Phoenix ATP last month, have all but decided to attend there this summer. I saw the planes, met some of the instructors and students, and liked what I saw. I also visted some other Phoenix-area schools, but ATP stood out to me. I spoke to an instuctor named Tim (I'm also a Tim, something fishy going on here) and I don't remember the exact number of students he mentioned there (25 maybe?) but overcrowded certainly didn't come to mind. I also checked out the student apts close to campus, and they seemed pretty nice.

I think there is a lot of self-study expected, but you have a 'training partner' throughout the program, and they have computers there with self-study programs (Gleims) you can use anytime. You can also use the simulator in your free time if it is available. I didn't get the 'throw you to the wolves' vibe there. The instructors all went through the program and understand what it takes to get it done, and are willing to help. It just takes some dedication and effort.

Good luck and maybe I'll see ya down there.

When are you planning on going? I'm looking towards August 1.
Well I have a unique situation. I am graduating from CU-Boulder next month and then I will need to find a job to save up so I can get/buy my private. I will not have any bills/loans but I will be broke. Also I am waiting on my girlfriend to finish her MBA at CU-Denver. Hopefully I will be able to time it so that I finish my private in July of 03 when she gets her MBA. After that, in August 03, I will have logged enough time to qualify for ATP's program and she and I will both be heading down there.

I am just trying to watch all these schools now and see how they are doing and what they are producing. As of right now, I say ATP has the best deal going...almost too good to be true?

I plan on visiting these schools a few times too in the next year before I bend over for one of the banks that sell money.

It is good to hear that other out there like ATP also. I think it is the only school that I have not heard a horror story about.

You wouldn't happen to be flying out of Jeffco by any chance would you?

Thanks for the info T-bone, Tim
Hey Tim -

Sorry it took a while to drop back in here. I haven't flown in a few years, but will probably try to bang out a few hours at Centennial before going to ATP. I wouldn't say the program is "too good to be true", there are other schools (like accelerated) that offer similar programs for less money. There are some negative points being made by people about ATP on some of the other strings. Mainly having to do with the checkrides and DE's who conduct them. Certainly something to think about before making a committment. I think if you look hard enough, you'll find something wrong with any flight school. To me it comes down to taking responsibility for your training, making sure you study hard and don't fail no matter what obstacles you run into. No program is perfect for anyone, I just recommend visiting as many as you can. Chances are, your gut feeling will tell you which program is right for you. For me the ATP in phoenix jumped out at me the most. Catch you later Tim - are you flying out of jeffco?
I wish I had time to go flying. Ill be starting in a few months most likely at Jeffco. I am hoping I can knock out the Private in 2-3 months or so. After and perhaps during that I will be taking trips and actually visiting these schools. Until then I am graduating on May 10th!!!

Go Buffs!!

I went to the Phoenix location too, and have only good things to say about it. Instructors there are all very nice, location is nice, and they fly almost exclusivly the new Seminoles.

Not sure about it being 25 students there.. Perhaps including the ATP students that's just there for a day or two it might have been, but when I was there it seemed the normal count for ACP students is somewhere around 8-10. They have 3 apartments there, each with 3 bedrooms, and 5 instructors, 3 of which are ACP instructors. When I drove through there on my way to JAX I stayed in my old apartment, which was empty at the time, so I think they only had 4 ACP students at this point. It goes up and down.

The apartments are in a nice area, TGI Fridays is literally speaking 150 yards away, and makes for an excellent location for some oral exam guide studying. /ubbthreads/images/icons/wink.gif There's a movie theather 500 yards away, as well as several restaurants and fast-food joints there too.

2-3 weeks into the program I had to give up my single room as two more students were moving in, one of which came from Pan Am. According to him it took too long with them, he had been there for.. 4 months and only flown 10 hours, or something like that.
So he signed up with ATP, got through the program, and is now flight instructing up in Alaska.

If you got any questions about that location, or ATP in general, I'll be happy to help. /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif

Helge -

Thanks for the info - you are right, there were significantly less than 25 ACP students in Phoenix. I think the details got a little fuzzy after visiting several schools over the course of 2 days.

I'm curious, do you still keep in touch w/ your friend that flies in Alaska? I'm very intrigued with the idea of doing some flying up there after ATP, but have no contacts. I've been up there a few times and would love to spend a year or so instructing up there. Any info you could share or if you think it would be okay to contact your friend, please let me know.