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Anybody has an idea whats the no of hrs needed for pilots the direct way into BA???

They havent mentioned it in their website

Currently you could have 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 and they would not take you, as they are not hiring!

I think it is about 1000, or 1500. They do not say on their site look under Direct Entry Route, it says somewhere there.

Its not there. I know every page of that site By-heart. Cos im as mad about BA as anybody!!!

Anyway Bye

c ya around
It used to be there, so maybe all you need is a full ATPL which irconically requires 1500 hours (or so I believe).
Hey Iain

You are in college rite now.. and u r waiting for BA to call u for their SPT. Doent BA require u to have a degree ??

Ok another thing i heard BA 737 cap earns around 35000 pounds almost 60000 $ p.a

Is that true?? Can u gimme some figs??
Yeap, I am working on my degree right now. BA do not require a degree, just A level, however you do improve your chances by having a degree.

I have never asked anyone about BA pay, I think it is a bit out of line for people to ask people how much they earn so I have never asked anyone. I can assure you that you will not be starving!
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