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Hi guys,

Since this is my first post you have to congratulate me:) I have two questions. I have come to the conclusion that westw is the best choice for me. I will move to phoenix next year june. As an international student ( Europe- holland) I would like to know if there are other international students. What should i think off? and can u give me any advise? what abou the CFI deal for foreigners?
Secondly I was very dissapointed abouit the fact that westwind would not give me any phone numbers or email adresses of current or ex students. Am i overreacting or is this a legitamate request? This did not change my choice but still :confused:

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Michael Loswijk
lets say you were a student at WSA, would you want a bunch of strang people calling your house asking you how the school is. WSA is my top choice for schools, but if they tell me that they give my phone number to people so they can ask me how the school is, I would tell the not to do that, But I would give my email adress
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Flyallday made a good point...I don't think I'd want the school giving out my phone number or e-mail either! At any rate, the school would certainly need the student's permission first, and that can lead to all kinds of crazy privacy and liability issues. But I do think it's wise to try to seek out students from the school, both active and former. After searching on the internet for hours last year, I got lucky and found the e-mail addresses for a couple of the Westwind definitely helped me to solidify my decision to go to the school. Plus, since I found them on my own, I was confident that their opinions were honest and less biased.

Anyway, I'm a new Westwind student (started in early August), and I can tell you that there is at least one current international student, from Germany. As far as I know, your international status won't have any impact on hiring you as a CFI at'll certainly receive the same treatment as everyone else. I'm afraid I can't really help with any of your other international questions, I'm honestly clueless about the specific requirements.

I hope this helped somewhat...

ok flyallday & Ben. I didn't think of it this way. I guess u are right about the phone numbers and/or email adresses. I think i will try to search for these guys/girls myself. I will visit PHX next year, so I would like to have a chat with u guys by then. I also would like to know if its possible to get into an CFI position while studying? I am also thinking about getting into a graduate program at ASU. I am not sure if its possible to get iinto an CFI position while at the same time studying? I appreciate your answers.
I am a student at WSA and I can say that I never had a strange call in the time I am in the school. Mistakes can be made but I think it is very unlikely that they would give private info. All I can say is it is a wonderfull school with very dedicated staff and instructors, all with one goal transform you into a professional pilot.