Inflight Snacks?


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A question has been bothering me the last few days. What the heck do you guys snack on when you're on long hops? Personally I prefer Cheddar Goldfish, but that's a 50 minute lesson in a 152
Hey Ya'll,

If you can believe it, Pop Tarts are very good snacks while on the run. Runner's World listed them near the top of junk food snacks that are fairly neutral healthwise. They are low fat and have just the right amount of carbs and sugars(same thing) for a long day. I eat them before mid mileage runs.

You cannot go wrong with trail mix(squirrel food) or some training bars. Be careful with training bars. SOme are designed for the high mileage runners or aerobic freaks that burn 6000 cals per session. You can blow up like John Candy if you eat them with no workouts. The good ol Power Bar is a great snack that has a good smattering of vitamins and minerals is doesn't have a whole lot of cals.

Take care and fly safe,

Candy, Oreo's and Beer if I am not flying with in the next 12 hours or so (I like to be sober for 12 hours before I take the controls).
Diet Coke & Copenhagen....if I'm alone. Pretty nasty, huh?

Otherwise, I'm pretty open to whatever the last FBO vending machine had (I am particularly fond of the Knott's Berry Farm Rasberry Shortbread Cookies....hmmm, good!!!!).
The little Jolly Rancher hard candies do it for me. They are very flavorful, low in fat and calories, and last a long time.
Or I might munch on a protein bar sometimes.
Always bring crackers and 'depressurized' water. Basically I squeeze the bottle before I go up so I don't get wet when I want a drink at 9500'!
Pop Tarts may not be low fat but I love 'em!

Especially S'mores flavor.

They taste great, they fill you up, they are foil wrapped so they last in your flight bag right next to the protein bars. True pilot food.

Hey how about this - what kind of medicine, drugs etc do you keep in your bag? Here's my list:

1) Ibuprofen (a must!)
2) Antacids (to counteract pilot food)
3) Multi-Vitamins (DoubleX)
4) Saw Palmetto (I'm an old guy)
5) Echeneaccia (for colds)
6) Immodium AD (no comment)
7) Zantac 75 (more pilot food poison serum)
8) Some Curiously Refreshing Mints
Personally I like lobster tail, or some shrimp cocktail, you just have to be carefull not to spill the sauce on the FMS panel. A good Deli sandwhich and potato salad is not too bad cruising along at .82 and FL 410. Fresh brewed coffee or a fruit juice, soda or water will suffice for a drink. We order whatever we want when we cater a flight, when we don't we are sufficiently stocked with snacks, candy, and health food items. Someone remind me is the drinking rule 12 or 8 hours, I always thought it was no drinking within 8 ... feet of an airplane. joke
I get packs of Lance ers like Toastchee and Nekot and carry them with me. I also like granola bars and the packs of mini Chips Ahoy cookies. For breakfast, Kellogg's milk and cereal bars in the Frosted Flake or Fruit Loop flavor.

We carry drinks aboard the plane, so I get a lot of bottled water, a few cokes, and some juice.
Personally I like lobster tail, or some shrimp cocktail, you just have to be carefull not to spill the sauce on the FMS panel.

[/ QUOTE ]

Lobster tail? Shrimp?........candy ass corporate pilots and their FMSs and autopilots..

Seriously though; when the catering order is made, do you pilots ever skimp a little extra "order for one" in their that probably wouldn't go noticed on the corporate account anyway? hehe