Incredible C-130 Footage


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The "CREDIBLE SPORT" or XSC-130 H, YMC-130 H, YSC-130 H, etc. SUPER STOL PROGRAM. Defined on Lockheed top drawing No. 3319810
After the failure of the hostage rescue mission in Iran on April 24, 1980. The Office of the Secretary of Defense Directorate approached Lockheed Georgia to modify 3 C-130 H aircraft.
These aircraft were to take off from Eglin AFB in Florida; and refuel in-flight on the way to Iran; then land in the Amjadien soccer stadium across the street from the U. S. Embassy in Teheran Iran; with the intention of extracting the American Hostages from the Embassy in Tehran Iran. After rescuing the Hostage these aircraft were to land on the Aircraft Carrier the U.S. S. Nimitz in the Persian Gulf.
The following 3 C-130 H airframes were pulled out of active Air Force service inventory and were considered expendable. These airframes were modified from April to August 1980 as follows: To Y M C-130 H configuration.
LOCKHEED # CS, Phase I [C.n.] # 4658 382 c-41 d A.F. Serial Number 74-1683, Airframe #1 Assigned to the 463 Tactical Air Wing Oct 1977 to Sept 1980. Modified to a YMC-130 H configuration for a rescue operation in Iran. With a C-141 in-flight refueling pod, DC-130 type radome. 30 Rockets total (ASROC engines provided by the Navy) pointing Forward and downward on the forward and rear fuselage. This was the first airframe modified. It was tested at Duke field Eglin AFB. It flew approximately 4 test flights there. This aircraft crashed at a demonstration on Oct 29, 1980 with, I believe Col. Belden as pilot in command. The airframe was buried at Duke field Eglin AFB after the crash.


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The other Credible Sport airframe is at the Robins AFB museum in Warner Robins, Georgia.