incidents and career


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Hey all,

Every now and again someone gets involved in an incident, sometimes it may be PIC mess up, other times not. Obviously it depends on the severity of the incident, but what implications does having incidents attached to your record have on your career down the track? I notice some carriers with their pilot applications ask whether you were involved in an incident. How would recruiters view this aspect of an applicant?


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Depends on how big of an incident and how you answer the question. Be truthful and be prepared to tell them how you learned from your mistakes.


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That is the truth.
The good thing is that most recruiters will look at any incident in question. As long as you are truthful and willing to to accept your share of the responsibility your chances will improve.
HOWEVER, if there is a string of incidents that can be problematic. Fatals can also be an issue. But again, they will investigate.
It also will depend on what area you are shooting for. Cargo, passenger, private all have different requirements and there is room in each depending on the incident.
Sorry this is vage, but it really depends. Again as above, be honest, don't hide it.

Good luck to you. :rawk:

P.S. Is there an incident you are worried about? If so it might help the thread if we knew the details and what it is you are trying to advance your career in. If you can or want to share. This is from an investigator point of view.