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So what's the story with the Piper Archer that crashed in Rio Verde yesterday?

Doug, do you remember the plane that crashed next to the Kyoto Bowl restaraunt at Pima/Frank Lloyd Wright last December?

More fuel to the "let's close SDL sirport" grass roots movement.


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More fuel to the "let's close SDL sirport" grass roots movement.

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I hate these freakin' people.

SDL (and the "airpark") is the largest economic engine in Scottsdale.

If they manage to get it closed where the (*&(* do they think the all the lost tax revenue - to the city - will come from? Property and Sales taxes. Then all these rich folks will complain about high taxes and move off in herds to some other unsuspecting town and destroy it as well.

We should just shoot them.

There are countless photos of SDL when it was a WWII training base. Not a damned thing near it but cactus, carcus and a dirt road.

So what do these folks do? Build up right next to it and then complain about it.

Don't move next to a friggin' airport if you don't like airplanes/airplane noise!

And I absoloutely love their "noise abatement" procedures when taking off of 21. The climbing right 270. Nevermind that even the noiseiest lear puts out less Db's for a shorter period of time (on takeoff) then most of the Hi-Fi entertainment centers these people have not only in their homes but their friggin' cars!

Man I hate stupidity.


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Idiots that move in next to airports and then complan will never go away.

SDLs management has their own noise-complaint hotline! They're the same idiot bureaucrats as those complaiing about the noise.

IMO, in that regard, I could care less if SDL closes. They'll get what's coming to them when the city sees the lost revenue after it's too late.


If specified, this will replace the title that
Yeah I know ...

Stupid is as stupid does.

I don't particuarly like SDL - I think it's rather snobby and the controllers, for the most part, need a serious attitude adjustment - but I hate it when an airport is threatened.

Although, in all seriousness I blame the GA community for the problem. We're too willing to give and "work with the community." In the end alI it accomplishes is victories for the "noisey neighbor groups" and losses for GA.

I think it's long past time to draw a line in the sand and start actually fighting for our airports. In 99% of the cases "we" were there first and we should make it known.


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The little airport that I fly out of is surrounded by houses. The cool thing about it is that as part of the full disclosure law, people are required to sign a piece of paper that says they are aware that there is an airport there.

If there's a lawsuit or hearing to shut down the airport -- as an aside, if the TSA keeps up their nonsense, it will shut down for lack of business! -- the operator of the airport just kind of pulls out the waiver and says, look, this was signed by everyone who purchased property near the airport and that ends all the fuss just like that.