Important NetworkJC Notes....


Mama Bear....
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Today is the final day to sign up for the LAS ATC Tower/Tracon tour as well as the Allegiant Airlines Tour. See the NetworkJC forum for information on both of those tours.

Wednesday will be the last day to sign up for the MGM Corporate Aviation Tour.

Tomorrow (11th) is the last day to send your registration fee by money order (such that i can receive it in time) and Friday, the 17th will be the last day to get your payment in via paypal. After that, the registration fee will be payable at the door of the guest speaker event at 2pm on Monday (20th) or at the networking event at 7pm on Monday night. Fee will remain at $50 cash.

I appreciate the effort of those who have already told me they expect to pay at the door. I've got that info in my spreadsheet and it really does help me keep track of whose paying when for those who want to remain on the list for tours and so forth.

For the latecomers who would like to join our 50+ group, you can register here. But please try and get your registration in as soon as possible as well as what tours and/or events you want to attend so all is accounted for. Thanks!

The final itinerary is located here

Any questions, please let me know.