IMPORTANT Eligibility Question?


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OK is my situation. I have an interview set up next week with ATP for the 10-Month Program. As I was visiting the ATP website yesterday, it states the requirements for the program: PPL, 2 years of college, etc. Unfortunately, I overlooked the requirement that says you must have 25 hours of x-country PIC. Last night, when reviewing my logbook, I noticed that I had roughly 38 hours of x-country time, but only about 18 was PIC.

I was not sure if this will pose a major problem, or if it can be waived based on the rest of my experience (not to mention I am only about 7 hours shy of their stated requirement).

I presently have about 250 TT, with about 130 multi-engine jet (T-37/T-38 time). So do you think me not meeting that requirement will prevent me from being accepted right now, or do I have to go out and fly that remaining 7 hours of x-country PIC prior to interviewing?

I appreciate any feedback on this.....thanks.
The x-country pic requirement is there because you need it for your commercial ratings. I was short on the x-country pic time before I started the Career Pilot program. So I rented a Trauma-hawk and flew it off before I started.
I was also short on XC time before my intrerview, and it was no problem. They offered me one of their 172's w/instructor to build my 12 hours or so of needed XC time. I am going to take them up on it!
you can fly the time off in one of their 172's with an instructor. for only $50/hr. that's what i did
Thanks for all of the info..........the $50/hour sounds like a pretty good any price that I've seen for a C-172.