Important DVT info for the ladies...


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I think it's important for the ladies to know this information. Guys, if you get squeemish about hearing things in regards to our "monthly friends", you might want to avoid this thread since it won't ever really relate to you anyways. But if you think your lady can use this information or needs this information, please do share it.

I found out the past few days since getting diagnosed with DVT that i will no longer be able to be on regular "estrogen included" birth control pills or anything else with estrogen in them. Estrogen is what's used for the mental and physical aspects during the month. This change isn't temporary, it's permanent since estrogen can be/is (depends on who you talk to) a major contributor to blood clots.

I can take progesterone only pills that are *only* for birth control, use an IUD or other non-estrogen related method that will help with *only* birth control.


as far as i'm concerned, this is like being thrown right back into puberty (mood swings and ALL)'s creeping the living daylights out of me.

the only thing my doc says can be used for PMS and the regular *mental* rigamaroll that come with those wonderful "yarg! we are women" days are low dose anti-depressants. The nice thing is that you can take the anti-depressants on the days you need them and not everyday like most folks would take them. so that's one good aspect. you're not glued to them.

but that's it... that's all you've got to work with if you need additional assistance mentally.

physically, you can take regular OTC medications and if it gets really bad, your doc can prescribe codeine or vicadin.

The chances of getting back on estrogen after a blood clot are slim but from what i hear, it does happen from time to time after going to a hematologist (blood specialist) and taking a clotting bloodtest (Protein C, Protein S and Factor 5 tests). Those tests tell you whether or not you are predisposed (genetically/hereditarily) for blood clots or other blood disorders. If you come back negative, there is a slight chance that you might, just might, be given the ok to get back on regular birth control but most doctors will probably say "no way" due to the inherit increased risk of *already* had a blood clot.

so just beware... be preventative and take an aspirin (81 mg) before any flight or on a daily basis, wear compression socks, get up and move around every 1-2 hrs and be proactive about the possibility of getting DVT.

I hope this helps some lady out there that didn't have this information... had i had this information, i would have been even more preventative because taking regular birth control has helped me tremendously with my monthly mental stability since i was 22 and now, as far as i'm concerned, it's over and i have to deal with the crap all over again and i'm really nervous about it.

so far, besides having to be on a blood thinner for 6 months and having to take daily aspirin after 6 months thru life, this is the most "bad news" life altering change for me.


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That's a good read for everybody with a better half or that just aspires to have one someday. This is no small issue, either way.

The whole mood adjusting thing- that can be a stressor. I dated a gal who'd get bizarre mood swings. One minute she'd be screaming through the rolled up car window at people crossing the street, the next she'd be all weepy and want me to hold her.

I don't know how ya'll deal. I'm just grateful ya'll do.

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Yeah, "female issues" like hormone levels & all that stuff is just no fun.

All my issues last year led to my hysterectomy, after almost a year of trying to solve the problem with various brands/formulas of pills. Certainly a VERY "final" solution to the problem, but at 33 with 2 kids I didn't have any problem accepting the hysterectomy at all.

That surgery was almost a year ago, and it was the best thing I've ever done. No more "monthly visitor", no more bloatedness, no more hormonally induced mood swings... I'd do it all over again and there are NO regrets at all.