ifr multi engine add on


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Sorry if this post has been answered in the past, I'm new here.
I have decided to attend ATP in Atlanta, GA for the 10 hour multi add on. I would like any one who has been through this program to post their experience. Please pass along any info that you think might be helpful.
BTW, what are the cool hang out spots?

Blueskies, and thank you.

Thanks for backing me up on that one. I was wondering why the page wouldn't load!
As an Instructor I teach this course on a regular basis. I would recommend that you be polished on your instrument skills prior to starting. By polished I mean to say more than "current" on paper, you should be proficient. (6 approaches in 6 months is not enough to keep your skills sharp.) I spend alot of the training time trying to get people up to speed on these skills so that I can then teach them how to do it with only one of the two engines pulling. The VFR portion that is required is not usually a problem. Also strongly recommend studying the info they send when you sign up for the course. Hope this helps.