IFL group?


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Anyone got info about IFL group ,( charter and cargo company in Michigan), who operates Falcon 20's, Convairs and B727?
I was interested in them a while back and rumor had it they hired guys with around 1000-1500 for the falcons as fo's, but thats just talk.

Call them and inquire.
I read on another board they're looking for Falcon 20 FO's at the SDF base. Sounds like they have some nice airplanes as well.
I interviewed 4 years ago at IFL and they turned me down. Really laid back place. The interview was basically a group lecture on why you really didn't want to work here-than they said if you weren't scared off you could continue the interview process. If things haven't changed since I interviewed with them, they have a 20 minute call out for the FO's.