If you're going to the ski trip...


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If you\'re going to the ski trip...

...and you're not on the mailing list, you are not in the know. The following people have been sent invitations to the mailing list, but you are not on it. If you are not on it and you're going you are missing things that are important to the trip. I didn't want to put this in here, but I don't think people are reading the meet and greet forum.


There is one more person on here that I invited (twice actually), but I can't cross reference their e-mail address (it's at yahoo) with someone I have on the list as going.

If you are going on the ski trip, or you're even thinking of going (I can remove you from the list later), you NEED to be on this mailing list. You can join by going to http://www.coollist.com and subscribing to the list called


Sorry to bug everyone with this one, we're just trying to get this all squared away. The iternary is probably going out later today, so if you're not on the list you won't be seeing it.


John Herreshoff