I wear glasses


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Hello, I have been reading up on each branch of the military, and have been a bit confused about their eye sight requirements. I have near sighted vision, and must wear my glasses to be able to see clearly at far distances. With my glasses on, I have 20/15 vision in right eye, and 20/20 in my left eye. Can I still become a pilot in the military, or am I disqualified because of my eye sight? Thanks for any insight.


AF requirement uncorrected is 20/70, or up to 20/200 with a waiver. Astigmatism also needs to be under 1.50 or I think up to 3 with a waiver.

Do a search on here; there have been several threads exactly like this.

Go to the baseops.net forum and search the aviation medical forum. Do not post.

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The Navy's standard is 20/40, correctable to 20/20. After wings, the standards change to 20/100 or so. The Navy allows PRK as well. Go the NAMI or NOMI website and look at the vision standards if Navy is your thing.