I just visited Westwind...


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Hello everyone,

I wanted to drop a line to the board about a visit I just had to Westwind.

I have to say I was really impressed! My wife and I spent a couple of hours talking to Jerry Dilk and looking around the facility. We spoke to some students, looked through the fleet of aircraft and got some good advice.

I was really impressed with how relaxed, yet highly professional the entire operation seemed.

I was initially worried about their reputation since a friend of mine when to Westwind Academy back in '97. His avice was to go someplace else because they would drain you of all your $$$. Notice I said Westwind Academy.

Well as it turned out there was a major management change in '99 when they built new facilities, changed the name to Westwind School or Aeronautics, and revised the programs. The management seems straightforward, professional, and genuinely care about the success of their students, which is good since they have to overcome the old schools reputation.

An interesting piece of info. - they are working on adding a multi-engine program to the Right Seat Direct program. About the best combo. of price, certifications, total hours I've come across.

Anyway - I just wanted to share my experiences. I'm also looking at FSI but the combo mentioned above is going to be hard to beat!

I would be interested in hearing other peoples experiences with this school.