I just quit my job


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I just quit my job. I will be attending Comair in the fall. I am sort of freaking out. I am very excited but quite nervous about the whole thing too. I just had to tell somebody. /ubbthreads/images/icons/smile.gif
You have anything lined up between now and the fall, or was now just a convenient time to quit? Its a big leap of faith to start on course, but you've got to follow the dream! Good luck
I wish you the best of luck. I have my resignation letter typed, just trying to figure out when to drop the news. I'm not going until Dec, but it feels like tomorrow yet an eternity....
I'm jealous Wannabe. I'm doing the flying thing part time, and it is really difficult to stay motivated w/ work. I catch myself staring out of my office window every 5 minutes looking at planes.
Ready2fly, how is your progress coming along? Is your private exam coming pretty soon? Are you going to try to instruct for the FBO you are currently flying with?

I will be working for anywhere from two weeks up to the end of July. I told my boss to let me know how long he wanted me. My wife is a teacher and has a good portion of the summer off, so around the first of August we'll head out on a month-long road trip from Washington (state) to Florida. She'll fly back here and I'll start school in Sept.

Other than that, we are buying a condo and selling the house, so I will be busy moving, painting etc. I will probably play some golf too.
Hey Astin: training is coming right along. Started April 20th and currently have 25 hours under my belt, have soloed thriee times, and have done two cross crountries with my instructor. We start night work tonight (wx permitting).

I'm scheduled to take the written on July 3rd and have been studying my tail off and doing practice tests on line to get ready.

My hopes are to instruct at my FBO, yes! I have spoken to my instructor about that and he has said that he truly thinks that I have a great shot at being hired after I complete my training ....let's hope he's right.

How about yourself? (you can hit me back on Private if you don't want to take up the space here).

Fly safe!

I'm about 1 1/2 months away from my commercial. I've already completed my multi-engine instrument, and am now trying to knock out the rest. As for after that, I need to make some decisions between a couple of choices, instructing for the school I go to being one. It's gone pretty quickly, but not fast enough for me. Good luck on the sel exam.
I just quit my job at a huge financial information company a few weeks ago. It feels good. I start in September at FSI. The anticipation is killing me.

Good luck to all of us!
I'm right there with you fellas. I just turned down a nice cushy offer in an unforgiving tech market to get back to doing what I love. No more computer screens, flourescent lights, or crappy office sludge coffee. I'm heading to ATP in the fall. Until then, lots of studying, a little golf, and the satisfaction of knowing I'm doing the right thing. Giddyup!