I got the calls


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I got calls from 2 regionals for interviews.

I am interviewing with my #1 choice regional on the 10th.
If you don't mind posting it, what two airlines, when did you apply, and what are your quals?

Those of us continuing the job search would like to know ...

American Eagle and Horizon Airlines.

I applied with Horizon 4 times, starting this past August, and Eagle in November.

My current quals are:
440 multi Turbine
Horizon rocks.

One of my good pals at DL flew the Dash there for many years.
Congratulations! I hope both interviews go so well that you get to choose which job you want.
A good friend of mine just got interviews at Eagle and Mesa. And my roommate's friend just got groundschool at SkyWest. There is definitely hope. Good luck, Buzo. Can I have your Alaska job if you get the regional?
Outstanding! Go knock the bottom out of it!!!
Hi everyone I have been visiting this site for over a year now and this is my first post. I just want to say that an instructor at my flight school was hired by mesa last week. it seems to me that things are turning around. just keep on flying .
I LOVE Horizon!! they have the best airfare out of Boise to anywhere in the northwest. I wish they still flew the fokker F28.