I flew a Falcon Jet!!


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This weekend I had the opportunity to fly a Falcon Jet 100 for about half an hour, repositioning the aircraft to Jacksonville, FL. Certified for two-pilot operation, an amazing sequence of events led to my climbing into the right seat. The captain steered it onto the runway, and I had it all the way until we landed in Jacksonville. I had never flown anything with a flight director, FMS, or glass cockpit before but it's simply incredible! I'd compare it to a rocket ship with wings. I especially liked the FMS voice synthesis in the headset, "1000 feet...500 feet...decision height..." What a job!

I haven't been very active here on JC in a while, largely due to my lack of internet access and time. I'm finishing ATP's Career Pilot Program, and will have my CFI checkrides next week. I am really looking forward to being somewhere with internet access, and being in one place for more than a few days at a time
Re: I flew a Cessna!!

Today, I flew a Cessna 182! Oh wait, no one cares...

Just messin' with ya Pscraig! Thats awesome! The two biggest things I've flown are a turboprop (Twin Otter) and have a bunch of time in a P-Navajo, but I haven't flown anything without props yet...I'm still a jet-virgin. One of these years I might make it out of the pattern/practice area...

Good luck!
Re: I flew a Cessna!!

Nice craig! Citation and Falcon jet time before you even finish training!