I finally have a real reason to complain..


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Last night I went out with a couple of friends for dinner and a few drinkies..... long story very short I got pickpocketed/robbed and have spent the better part of the morning vomiting because I am truly sick to my stomach..... I feel violated and am very unhappy with the whole situation (obviously)..... so I cancelled my card last night but a few important items beyond that were inside my wallet..... jeeeeezzz I need a cigarette.... any of y'all ever have the issue of changing your direct deposit, getting a new SS card and whatnot due to theft?
Why do people in this world suck?

Off I go to vomit once again..... wish me luck (although mine hasn't been very good until now).
Sucks so much! I know the feeling. Had my car stolen in college...people are horrible sometimes, it's the worst feeling in the world. Just go to the bank and tell them what happened, they usually have a protocol for changing your direct deposit to a new account. Call or go to the social security office as well.
This dilemma is quickly resolving itself... the biggest problem is taking time off work to go and get my finances figured out.
Thanks for your support..... at a time like this any kind words go a long way.
Sorry that happened...Hope you get it resolved quickly. The thought of that happening is the exact reason I carry my wallet in my front pocket. That and the fact that is leaves an indent on my ass. :D
That really sucks. I once got pick pocketed in Panama, but I was 13 and didn't have any money. I hope everything gets sorted out quick.

Sorry that happened...Hope you get it resolved quickly. The thought of that happening is the exact reason I carry my wallet in my front pocket. That and the fact that is leaves an indent on my ass. :D

It's also bad for your back if you have a fatty wallet in your back pocket.
I got my ATM stolen at the gym...before I was out they had racked up $400 in charges. Found him 2 days later when he tried to use someone else's stolen card. He was charged with 2 felonies just for my card alone. :cool:
Life sucks sometimes...people suck even more often. Wow I guess i really didn't have anything else to profound to say after that. I guess just keep on keepin on. not much you can do about it. Which I think is the thing that pisses me off the most. With theft we work hard for our stuff and someone can just take it from you. You want to beet the snot out them, but who is them? You don't know...police don't care.

Yeah people suck sometimes.
I'm sorry to hear that man. :(

You'll get everything situated soon enough. Maybe they'll be able to track any usage of the card and you'll be able to find the bastard that did it.
Sucks man. I can empathize with the violated feeling. Had my car spray painted by taggers last night. Not the way I wanted to be violated... I hate people. :)

The bank stuff should be a cinch do clear up, but I'm not certain about the SS number. Isn't changing your SS number like changing your identity? I don't think they let you do that except in extenuating circumstances. I think you can put an alert on your credit record in cases like that. Good luck with everything.
I always wonder why people carry wallets in the first place. I Just take what I need when im going out and leave the important stuff at home... Wallets hurt to sit on too.
Get yourself lifelock. I got it shortly after my house was robbed and it has been worth the $99 for the peace of mind.
I'm almost certain Clark Howard clarkhoward.com has the doityourself walkthrough on what Life Lock actually does with your credit. $99 isn't a lot, but if you're a savvy fellow, you could easily save yourself the money.

I knew a guy in HS who could pickpocket from me at will. He was really good at it. He would get my wallet and give it back to me after a while. Every time he gave it back I'd look at him and ask "how the heck did you do that?" I thought he was a magician. Really, that's all he was and HS was a perfect arena for this kind of thing. Lot's of distractions. All pickpockets need are adequate distractions and a steady hand.
the high class crowd of rufus huh? Sounds like you guys were having a good time until that happened though. Andy and Brian should have been looking out....punks. Sorry to hear about that.
Thanks for the post. It serves as a reminder that I should inventory and record what is in my wallet the same way things are inventoried in the house. Trying to find the numbers after the cards are gone is difficult and so it trying to remember what all was in there.
Man, sorry to hear this... I recommend when you get another SS card, put it in a firesafe lock box and not your wallet, just in case this happens again.
sorry to hear about what happened. I know it sucks. Its a pain in the ass having to run around and cancel your cards and get new ones. Especially the ATM and Drivers License. But you'll forget about it in a couple of weeks.

My wallet got stolen out of my bagpack in college, it sucked. My car got stolen twice (the same one!!). and when i was younger my house got burglarized twice as well. things happen, it sucks, but what can you do. You just move on. you'll be fine