I am DONE!!!!!!!!!


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I started the private pilot program in April. And now I am done with about 230 hours, 130 multi time. I came here with 9 hours. and look at me now, I am an instructor. Scary ain't it?

Its great program, but a lot of work. I would recommend ATP foranyone interested in getting into flying, but I know the fast paced program is not for everyone. If you plan on coming to ATP be prepared to work hard. and be smart like Robair73 and get your writtens done before you get here. It'll make life a lot easier.

I plan on turning in my resume to ATP. Hopefully I'll get the chance to instruct here.

Can you give some details or an overview as I am very interested in ATP, especially their CFI program.

Congrats, blee!!!!!!!!!!!! Even though I've already told you in person. It's great to be done!
Who were your instructors?

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My private and career pilot instructor was dave guest. for my Commercial Multi and MEI, CFII I had Eric. and for my single stuff I had Jody. They were all great instructors. I had a great time with all of them.