Hunting Season=Maintenance Delay???

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Our flight school has maintenance performed on part of the fleet at the home field, which is in a suburban area. The rest of the fleet has maintenance performed at airports that are a bit more rural in nature. The maintenance shop at one of the outlying fields was recently contacted for routine maintenance. The time required for the work requested was a bit longer than usual. The reason for the delay was that most of maintenance staff would be out for a week on hunting trips.

Has anyone else encountered this? In no way am I upset by this. I just thought it was a unique and rather amusing reason for a maintenance delay.


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Ah...I'm not really surprised. If the business owner feels they won't loose customers, then why not?

But then again, I live in the land of 3 seasons; winter, deer season and road destruction season.


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eh, everything goes down for hunting season here in Wyoming it seems. Not only in aviation either. Its comparable to a Christmas break for you easterners.


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My friends got out of school on the first day of hunting season in upstate NY. It wasn't official per the government, but it was expected by the school/teachers, so it wasn't a huge deal. It's all regional, I guess.