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Haven't you seen Cessna's new model? It comes with a fold down ramp/exit door.

Before somebdy flames back, I am not making fun of handicapped individuals. I have never seen that before.

Things that make you say Hmmm!!!
That's a new one.
Probably someone's personal spot. If it was a transient spot it would be a big waste, because it would never get used.
Aghhhh, for me. Dont mess around with handicapped parking spaces in NY....parked in one by accident a few weeks ago- it was dark, the blue paint was all but gone, and the sign wasnt ahead of the stall but next to it with an arrow- and now I'm stuck with a $230 ticket!!! Thats more than a week's salary! Speeders dont get hit that hard! Debating on whether to try to fight it in court or not..... I mean, come on, I was ready to cough up $25 or $50, but not $230. Any lawyers out there?
It's the same price here in MSP. actually more....$250
Re: Huh?!fly4free

Fly4free...are you in msp? I am thinking about marc school for atc. (mctc) can you pm me and let me know if you have any info to share?
It's a conspiracy.
It's there to divert your attention.
And it's working.

<Shhh. Nobody look at the chemtrails.>
There are 3 students in wheel chairs at Air Orlando that I know of. They have special assists for the pedals.

Not surprised at the spaces although it seems ridiculous, they have WHEELS!

Of course in Florida it is the most abused sticker in the world. Half of the stickers that are issued are being kept by the surviving relatives of DEAD PEOPLE!

I understand in DC you can buy them on the black market for about $150.
My wife’s grandmother has been dead for three years and every year without fail the state of California sends us a new ”handicapable” parking permit. Considering how hard it is park anywhere out here it breaks my heart to send it back.

Government at its best!
Now this is interesting. How would someone who's handicapped get onto a typical GA plane? I'm trying to think about any way that you could get someone who can't walk in, and I can't figure one out.
I seen this in FLYING Magazine a couple of months ago, a new system was developed for handicaped/disabled people to fly. It offers a hand rudder system.
lol the doors to all our classrooms have braille on them... The colllege said that we have to make sure we are accessible to all... I highly doubt we would be able to accept a student that needs braille in the cockpit
Handicap spot?

I though you were posting the pict for the chem-trails

Seriously though, the Airport Manager at my home field uses a chair. I'm amazed that he still gets around well though. Has a hangar across from a friend I fly with often. He really has no problem pulling himself out of the car, working on, and getting into his Bonanza.
Or the sign that says “No Pets allowed” then is followed by the disclaimer “guide Dogs for the blind welcome” whose going to read that, the Dog?