How's it going


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Obviously new here...just checking in...a little about myself

Owner of air traffic control community, but we have aviation enthusiasts from all aviation fields....we are in an constant state of change and expansion on the site.

Bachelor's Degree in Aeronautical Science, minors in Aviaton Safety and Management.

Air Traffic Controller for 10 years.

Multiple hours in all types of Piper Cubs...the J-3 is my favorite by far...

got a hot wife, and two awesome kids!

Let me know if I can be of any help around here!


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Welcome aboard!

it's somewhat of a faux paux to plug your site on a similar site's forums, esp if you didn't initially ask the webmaster first....

I'd suggest putting it in your signature and keeping it there vs plugging it within the forums threads. It'll keep you out of future trouble. :) Thanks!


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Welcome! And remember, we have rules here :D oh, nevermind, Kristie already mentioned that :D

(sorry kristie, I just had to :D )