How to set an onboard camera?


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I am looking for some ideas on how I can set up an onboard cockpit camera in the Chickenhawk while I am soloing.

I don't have a tripod so that kind of dampers things.

thanks in advance
I am not sure what the chickenhawk's cockpit looks like but if there is a back seat, maybe buy a tripod and and tape that sucker down really hard.
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On your first solo just worry about flying. If you want some pictures get your instructor to take some from the ground as you are coming, or a friend from the other side of the fence. My dad took pictures of me on my first solo!
It is not going to be for my first solo. I call it take home performance review. Just about to finish my commercial
Well it totally depends on what you are trying to caputre, what kind of equipment you have, and what kind of angles you want.

Is it a camcorder or camera? Digital or film? Can you operate it via remote control?

One thing to remember is that the vibration will limit your ability to get a smooth shot, especially if you mount it on some kind of structure such as the window post. Shutter speed can overcome this (if we are talking still cameras), but if you point it in the direction of the prop there's a good chance you'll get an ugly blur in the frame (or stop it all together).

For camcorders with no tripod, probably the best thing is to have a buddy come along and flim it.

Run a search at or at; they seem to know their stuff, and will probably have some good ideas.
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What's a CAX and an IGI???

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