How much time from Call to starting?


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Hey all,
Quick question, I am gonna be calling ATP trying to get into the CFI/CFII/MEI program and I am of the understanding that they send all of the books and materials needed to take the writtens before hand. I am curious as to the amount of time from the Call being made to ATP to actually setting foot in the door? I realize this is all based on my amount of study and pace of work but am looking for a ballpark guesstimate?!?

It's really up to you when you want to start. There are specific start dates, spaced about two weeks apart if memory serves, but you can choose which start date you want. I needed to get started ASAP when I went through the program, so I only had about a 2 week lapse in time once the paperwork went through. From my first call to start date, about 3 weeks.

Had to edit- You are talking about the ACPP program, right?
A couple follow up questions:

I am aware that ATP does not have any bridge programs or guaranteed interviews with airlines, but does the company do anything to help get their instructors on with the regionals and create turnover within their company?

Maybe it has been mentioned in some previous posts, but do the ATP locations have living accomodations for instructors? How much are the instructors on the road with x-country flights, training, etc?

Somewhat off the topic of ATP.....but how robust do you envision regional hiring in the next 5 years or so?

ATP does put out considerable effort to get thier peope hired, and thier success in that area is a major selling point for the ACPP.
Living accomidations are in company apartments that they rent to you for $200 a month. I don't think instructors spend any time on the road at all.

As for regional hiring, your guess is as good as mine.
Chautauqua in particular seems to have taken a liking to ATP's instructors; they've hired 14 of them in the past 8 months.

I think the industry has turned the corner; the regionals are growing again, and my analysis of this is that their expansion amounts to a restoration of the reductions in capacity made at the mainline carriers post-9/11.
Thanks for the response...

I have actually talked and set it up... I am just waiting now to verify the loan. I have all of the books and have been trying to get into them. Start date is set for July 28. I will be completing commercial single and multi and the CFI program.

My problem is now that I have not been up since March and I am starting to realize how much I have forgotten! All of the books are pretty much for the CFI program. I am a little worried about the Multi commercial ticket!